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With E-lianz you are in the driver’s seat. E-lianz is an online Learning Content Management System developed by TTA that allows you to create and manage your own training program through practical modules. In a few clicks, you set up your own (virtual) live training and using the content development tool you can dictate the content: videos, PDFs, presentations - anything is possible. E-lianz is fully scalable and easy to use. Thanks to the rapid deployment you are up and running in no time.

E-lianz consists of several modules:

  • E-lianz E-learning to manage published e-learnings
  • E-lianz Classroom to manage (virtual) live training sessions
  • E-lianz Authoring for developing e-learning

Each module can be used separately or you can combine them into our overall package E-lianz Enterprise. This provides a complete and functional Learning Content Management System that meets the training needs of the entire company, regardless of its size.

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E-lianz E-learning

E-lianz E-learning is changing the way learning is experienced within organizations by making e-learning accessible to more people. Furthermore it is easier to set up entire training programs. Companies can now focus on the transfer of knowledge and new skills and wherever it is needed.

E-lianz E-learning not only contains a fully functional online environment for managing e-learnings, but it also contains E-lianz Authoring, a powerful tool to develop the content of e-learning.

Using E-lianz E-learning your L&D staff can develop or import impressive e-learning modules quickly (based on the global SCORM standard). This material can then be assigned to the participants. Using the powerful LMS features E-lianz E-learning is also possible to establish blended curricula, monitor progress and view management reports.

  • Produce impressive multimedia content for e-learning
  • Importing SCORM packages from other applications
  • Quickly organize and deploy e-learning
  • Track progress and completion of courses
  • Easy to use interface for students, managers and administrators
  • Cloud hosting: Low start-up costs and fast implementation
  • Contributes in reducing the cost of e-learning



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E-lianz Classroom

E-lianz Classroom is an advanced online system for training administration, allowing you to manage training programs and instructor based classroom courses. E-lianz Classroom simplifies the work of the learning and development departments by administering all aspects of instructor based training courses, such as enrolling students for a particular course, automating the communication, tracking and cancellations plans of the required course resources.

E-lianz Classroom is easy accessible online using a browser. This allows for a significant reduction in the implementation and start-up time.

  • Management of training programs and instructor based courses
  • Promote and assign training courses to groups of students and prepare training plans
  • Students register for courses and provide communication using templates
  • Establish policies regarding cancellations and absences
  • Assigning job titles and security levels for administrators and users
  • Comprehensive management reports, statistics and updates of course statuses

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E-lianz Authoring

E-lianz Authoring is a content development environment where your L&D staff can collaborate to quickly build e-learning modules. It is suitable for courses of both small and large size. You can keep it simple or go all out in your visual design. And everything in between. Moreover, it is a cloud solution: the only thing that you need is a working internet connection.

E-lianz Authoring is based on the use of templates. This enables you to develop e-learning without programming experience and focus on developing effective learning experiences.

  • It is a cloud solution
  • The development environment is based on the use of templates
  • It supports various formats and assessments
  • Flash and HTML5 animations are supported
  • Translation of the content in multiple languages by using a built-in translation system, or by the use of (XLIFF) export-import
  • Courses are published directly to E-lianz E-learning or to SCORM format for integration into other LMS systems

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E-lianz Enterprise

E-lianz Enterprise combines three powerful Learning Management modules (E-learning, Classroom and Authoring) into one. It is an ideal platform for modern learning & development departments that demand high performance, robustness and ease of use. 


  • Fast preparation, combining and developing teaching materials for e-learning and training under the guidance of an instructor
  • Record reviews and questions in the courses
  • Assign courses and programs to students and monitor progress



  • Advanced tracking and reporting of the activities of students
  • Importing SCORM packages from other learning applications
  • Integrate E-lianz Enterprise with existing business and HR systems
  • Easy to use interfaces for different users: managers, administrators and students
  • Cloud solution: reduces the normal development time of powerful LMS programs
  • High scalability: E-lianz Enterprise is suitable for pilot programs for just ten users and deployments across the enterprise for up to ten thousand users

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E-lianz Customizations

With E-lianz customizations your LMS system can be fully customized to fulfil all your specific requirements.

Many curricula and Learning Management Systems miss their target, or provide only short-term results, especially when the staff which must follow the courses do not have time to do everything well. E-lianz is supported with services in the areas of project management, consulting, customization and content development to guide you in developing and ensuring that you get the most out of your selected module(s)

  • Consultancy in defining the required LMS components and functions and developing robust LMS implementation plans
  • Project management to determine the objectives and scope, timelines, milestones, budget, communication and reporting requirements of the LMS project and manage the implementation
  • Product development new LMS functions made to measure to meet specific requirements

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