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Transferring knowledge and skills in the most effective manner possible. That is the expertise of our developers, a team of experts that include program architects, instructional designers and trainers. Based on your business goals, they develop a concept that ensures that these are achieved.

TTA’s learning solutions contain all the elements for an optimal transfer of knowledge: educational development, layout and design, implementation and measurement of results. Each project is supervised by our experienced project coordinators. From drafting the learning objectives to publishing translations, we support every stage of the development process.

We develop a wide range of learning solutions: live training, e-learning and blended learning solutions for various training programs such as product training, sales training, technical after-sales, non-tech aftersales and train-the-trainer programs. We combine different learning methods to achieve the best possible learning outcomes. Which learning solution works for you will depend on your specific needs, desires and objectives.

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Sales Product training

Sales personel are trained on the product features and unique selling points (USP’s) of a new car model. For a sales product training, we are used to:


  • do the complete planning and execution
  • plan and execute driving sessions
  • develop presentation materials
  • work with multiple languages and cultures
  • deal with your specific needs, wishes and goals



Train-the-trainer (TTT)

For a train-the-trainer program we especially pay attention to the way a local trainer can design and implement and how he can make optimal use of the training material. This training concept is often used for model introduction trainings.

For a TTT program we develop trainer's manuals and presentation materials for local training.

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Some learning objectives are perfect to be handled in a digital format. It is sometimes inefficient and even ineffective to use a live trainer for this purpose. TTA develops e-learning modules tailored to your specific learning goals, needs, desires, time and budget. From an informative e-learning to an assessment-only e-learning, and from a page turner to real time simulations.

Many organizations have, over the years, collected an enormous amount of valuable and useful (training) materials. It is a shame to ignore this and start from scratch if you want to have something new. And often it is not necessary. We like to create an e-learning for you from already present material to be used in a new (modern) setting.

What makes an e-learning effective?

  • Attractive design, ease of use and structure (see multimedia)
  • Simple language without excessive technical jargon or complex terminology
  • Relevant feedback: not only what is right or wrong but also why
  • A secure 'sandbox': a safe area to practice before the exam
  • Participants learn at their own pace, when it is convenient for them

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Technical training

In a technical training we go in depth on new technologies and we train the skills required to deal with these technologies.

We have earned a reputation as a specialist in the field of after sales service and the development of technical training. Our courses are characterized by an enthusiastic approach and a lot of interaction between trainer and participants.

In addition to the substantive component we pay much attention to attitude and motivation. And of course, our courses have the right balance between theory and practice. With our expertise, we are able to support you in every phase of the development, from the preparation of learning objectives to the implementation of translations.

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