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Great people make great companies. We firmly believe that at TTA. The amount of competitiveness your product or service has is determined by your people. At TTA our focus is to improve their qualities. Not by teaching them tricks but by increasing their knowledge, skills and confidence through which they can really excel. It’s a compelling and challenging area of expertise. Because how do you identify the skills and knowledge which are truly required in a working environment which is getting more complex every day? Moreover: how, when and to whom do you offer to improve these?

We never start by asking “What do you need to be able to do?” Instead we ask “What do you want to achieve with this organisation?” We believe that knowledge transfer is the engine of each business case: learning is doing, doing is learning. Any time. At work, at home, any place.

For more than 25 years TTA International has been contributing in enforcing and improving the organisations of our customers. Our belief in perpetual improvement is what drives us. We know you have to adjust your strategies through influences of autonomous vehicles and the strong increasing technological complexity of the car fleet. We find solutions in mobile learning, informal learning, combining didactical models and measuring ROI on training. We follow the developments of augmented reality, 3D printing and wearables. Innovation comes standard at TTA. But in everything we do we keep one thing in mind: the return for the customer. Because in the end it’s all about the added value and achieving your goals. That makes us the right strategic partner.



Schedule a meeting with our consultants and have them explore the most optimal way of knowledge transfer for you to achieve your goals.


What will your learning solution look like? Our instructional designers will develop the concept that matches your goals.


How will you get your training program delivered to your employees? Our experts will make sure everything is taken care of – planned to the minute, worldwide, from start to finish.


Our multimedia team designs and develops all visuals which support your learning solution and will bring it to life.


Enrolments, material handling, evaluations: when developing and delivering a learning solution our team of specialists can handle this for you.


Trainers, location managers, helpdesk employees and administrative staff. Running your business means you need the right people in the right place, often temporarily. TTA has a team of experts who can help.

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