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Your training program is complete. How will you get it delivered to your employees? Our experts will make sure everything is taken care of – planned to the minute, worldwide, from start to finish. Product launches, after sales- and technical service programs and train-the-trainer events: using our worldwide network we are able to deliver the most complex programs all over the globe.

Live training

Personal interaction and coaching are key to live training. Having a trainer present ensures that adjustments can be made at crucial moments and coaching is possible. Certain skills can therefore only be learned from a live trainer.

Based on your specific objectives a training is designed, developed and rolled out. Optionally TTA offers off-the-shelf courses that can be personalized if required.

Live training is used for:

  • practical on-the-job training
  • large-scale training events
  • developing skills

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Virtual Classroom Training

Using TTA's Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) large groups of participants can be trained at any place and any time while reducing travel costs. The training can be delivered in combination with e-learning and / or classroom training. This makes the training for the participants a memorable learning experience.

Videos, images, PDF documents, PowerPoint slides and other resources can be added to the virtual learning environment making it a very effective training. No special software is required; all participants have access to the virtual environment over the internet.

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Sales product training

Sales personel are trained on the product features and unique selling points (USP’s) of a new car model.

For a sales product training, we are used to:

  • do the complete planning and execution
  • plan and execute driving sessions
  • develop presentation materials
  • work with multiple languages and cultures
  • deal with your specific needs, wishes and goals

Train-the-trainer (TTT)

For a train-the-trainer program we especially pay attention to the way a local trainer can design and implement and how he can make optimal use of the training material. This training concept is often used for model introduction trainings.

For a TTT program we develop trainer's manuals and presentation materials for local training.



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Technical training

In a technical training we go in depth on new technologies and we train the skills required to deal with these technologies.

We have earned a reputation as a specialist in the field of after sales service and the development of technical training. Our courses are characterized by an enthusiastic approach and a lot of interaction between trainer and participants.

In addition to the substantive component we pay much attention to attitude and motivation. And of course, our courses have the right balance between theory and practice. With our expertise, we are able to support you in every phase of the development, from the preparation of learning objectives to the implementation of translations.

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