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Learning is doing. Doing is learning. Any time. Any place. Get to know our advanced learning solutions and discover the most optimal way for your organisation to transfer knowledge and train the skills of your employees.

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Trainers, location managers, helpdesk employees and administrative staff. Running your business means you need the right people at the right place, often temporarily. TTA has a team of specialists who can help.

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great people make great companies

Pieter zeemanweg 116 | 3316 GZ Dordrecht | The Netherlands | +31 (0)78 65 50 255 | info@tta-international.com 

About TTA

Learning. Improving. Optimizing. At TTA International everything revolves around people and their potential. When employees are enabled to reach their full potential the company as a whole will show better results. Having knowledge transfer as part of any business strategy is the key to achieving business goals. Our motto is: Great people make great companies.

TTA International is a global service provider in learning solutions and supporting staff: from business process outsourcing to the training of essential skills. We will enable your employees to reach their full potential by managing, improving and sharing your organisation’s know-how in the best way possible.

We have set the bar high. Unlike any other we understand that each chain is only as strong as its weakest link: TTA’s heritage – founded in 1987 – lies in the automotive industry where strict safety requirements and high quality standards are the norm.

From Dordrecht, where our head office is located, and from our offices in Belgium and Germany we coordinate our global activities in the automotive and in other hi-tech manufacturing industries.

The business goals of our customer are always our starting point. Together with you we determine the best strategy for you to achieve those goals, now and in the future. After that we are able to provide you with the entire execution of that strategy. From consultancy to multimedia, from very small to extremely big: we take care of everything. You decide. We’re flexible.

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TTA International bv
Pieter Zeemanweg 116
3316 GZ Dordrecht
The Netherlands

P: +31 (0)78 65 50 255
E: info@TTA-International.com

VAT: NL8054 48 019 B01
COC: 230 874 85


TTA International bvba
Rauwelkoven 87 bus W
2440 Geel

E: info@TTA-International.com


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