Learning content design & development

Learning materials that match your ambition

At TTA International, we like to sink our teeth into designing and developing educational content. We do this for a wide range of learning resources: live training, e-learning and blended learning solutions for various training programs.

Customized educational content

Learning materials are everything. And anything can be learning material. Think: textbooks, leader guides, handouts, e-learning, videos, VCT materials and more. But high-quality content precisely tailored to your employees’ and organization’s training goals? That requires expertise. At TTA International, we have that expertise, and we’re only too happy to use it! Especially by developing cross-media educational content that fits seamlessly with your needs and goals.

TTA International for educational content development

At TTA International, we combine different learning methods to achieve the best possible learning outcomes. So content development is our core business. Be it:

  • Videos
  • E-learnings

  • PowerPoints
  • Textbooks
  • Leader guides
  • Handouts

And so there is more. But in the end, of course, it’s all about the ideal combination of learning tools that meet your goals. What would you like to achieve?

Clients who have preceded you:

Successful educational learning tools

Would you like to…

  • High-quality educational resources?
  • Tailored to your learning ambition?
  • That lead to inspired employees?

We are happy to help you translate your training ambition into the optimal combination of educational training resources. You are most welcome!

Also optimize your Learning & Development in just three steps?

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1


Let’s meet to discuss your challenges and goals.

Step 2

Getting Started

We create a clear plan and execute it accurately. You stay in control.

Step 3

Celebrating successes

Experience the results of our collaboration and celebrate the success!

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