About TTA International

As an international player in the world of Learning and Development

For decades, TTA International has supported its clients in the area of Learning and Development. From setting up a comprehensive academy to developing very specific (partial) solutions, we have been helping our clients achieve their business goals since 1987.

Great people make great companies

We believe that through Learning and Development you can create a world where everyone can reach their full potential. To increase job happiness, discover talent and make the world a better place. For a future-proof organization!

Mission, vision and purpose

For a world in which all people can fulfill their potential

Satisfied customers and employees

Harness the full potential of your team? Exceed your customers’ expectations? Achieve your business goals faster? TTA International believes that when people are empowered to reach their full potential, the organization they work for improves. This increases the satisfaction of your customers and employees.

Effective training resources & development

How does everyone reach their potential? What makes people discover and develop their talents? TTA International believes that individuals and organizations worldwide should be able to explore and develop their potential. It promotes growth, innovation and sustainable success. Access to effective training resources makes this possible.

Achieving business objectives

You focus every day on achieving business goals. With varying degrees of success. Sometimes it is necessary to achieve those goals faster, realistically adjust them, or even dream bigger for your business: with the help of Learning and Development, business performance often succeeds and grows. Our solutions contribute to productivity, engagement and innovation.


This is TTA International

For a world in which all people fulfill their potential.

We continue to work on innovative Learning and Development services with the team of over 65 Learning and Development experts and our global network of enthusiastic freelancers. In the coming years, we want to increase and improve the impact of Learning and Development on the business operations of our (potential) clients. We do this for various sectors, such as mobility/automotive, energy, retail and other markets.

In 2022, TTA International acquired Het Klantenbedrijf(https://www.hetklantenbedrijf.nl). From that point on, we have all the facets to broadly support our clients in achieving their goals as a service provider in Learning & Development. Whether it’s impactful, technical, blended training programs, interactive live events for commercial staff or setting up and facilitating an entire academy.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, online learning has gained unprecedented momentum. Organizations around the world have adapted to the new reality, using digital learning tools and platforms to keep education accessible. This has led to innovative approaches to learning: TTA International has improved the online learning experience with clients.
In 2016, TTA opened an additional facility in Houten. For the first few years this location was dedicated to our client Stellantis, but it has since become a multi-brand location where we also serve other clients.
In 2010, founder and managing director Alex Swagemakers handed over the baton to Simon Meintema. In 2015, following the sale of the Engineering business to Bosch, the company’s focus returned entirely to Learning and Development where it has remained ever since, under the leadership of managing director Robbert d’Hont.
In 1997, the headquarters moved from Sliedrecht to the current premises on the Pieter Zeemanweg in Dordrecht. Today, our business activities are mainly centrally controlled from the headquarters in Dordrecht and the earlier, local entities are no longer necessary.
TTA International was founded in 1987 by Alex Swagemakers. The first few years were devoted to developing and delivering training for large automotive companies. In the 1990s, TTA International grew large with operations in Europe, Asia and other continents. That’s where our large international network was born. We still put the knowledge we gained about different cultures to full use for our clients today.

Our approach

At TTA International, we understand that you want to build your business with confidence. A trusted partner in Learning & Development will help you achieve your business goals. Meet TTA International! Everything we do is custom. Our clients’ needs and business objectives are at the heart of our approach.

Step 1


During the start of a collaboration, we dive into the challenges facing your organization. Together, we explore how we can leverage Learning and Development to take your organization to the next level. Our consultants are experts in addressing complex business issues and have in-depth knowledge of your industry. Let’s make an appointment and get started together!

Step 2

Get started

Often, challenges within your organization go hand in hand with professional growth of both your organization and your employees. Learning and Development offers various solutions to accelerate the achievement of your business goals and strengthen corporate culture. Based on your specific challenges and goals, we create a personalized plan and execute it to perfection. Since every organization is unique, we develop a customized plan for all of our clients.

Step 3

Celebrate successes

Learning and Development solves major organizational challenges. TTA International is your expert sparring partner to find new ways to grow your organization. Celebrating successes achieved after a successful journey is important. Together, we reflect on the impact of professional development on your organizational growth and performance.

In our approach, we strive for “customer intimacy,” our starting point is always the customer need, and “product leadership,” our industry-leading products. Our approach is characterized by:


It is crucial that we respond flexibly to the unique needs of each client. We dive deep into your specific requirements and also understand the context in which you operate. This insight enables us to provide customized solutions for your challenges. Who are relevant and exceed your expectations.

Quality of customer relationship

It is important to us that you feel heard and valued. Together we are building a partnership in Learning and Development. The quality of our relationship has a direct impact on your success, fosters creativity and lays the foundation for a lasting partnership.

Leading solutions

Product leadership is about developing solutions that perfectly match your needs and resources. Quality, communication and added value play a major role during development. Our mission is to exceed your expectations, stay within budget and prove that we truly make a difference for your organization.


Consistency in product quality is the foundation for us. It means we deliver solutions with a high standard, without failure. This reliability is essential; we want you to be able to count on us at all times.