Product Training

All the ins & outs of a new product

Are you looking for the best way for your team to quickly and efficiently master new products? Dive into our innovative product training – from features to installations – for your technical and commercial staff.

Help your employees with product training

Do commercial and technical staff struggle to understand features, installation and maintenance? Are new products being introduced ineffectively within your organization? Or is it difficult to maintain product expertise within your organization? Product training is for commercial employees who want to get acquainted with the features, functions and benefits.

Also for technical personnel who need to learn how to properly install, maintain and repair new products. With a variety of product training, employees learn about the product so they can better help customers.

  • Learning & development resources for product training

Our approach is always custom. See below what the most frequently chosen resources are that we use to take your product training to the next level:

E-learning for product training is the perfect way to train employees about products. You increase product knowledge and engagement. Online modules allow employees to learn at their own pace, when and where it is convenient for them. Ideal in conjunction with live training.

The ‘train the trainer’ approach to product training optimizes knowledge transfer, promotes consistency and provides sustainable training capacity for your organization. Internal trainers discover how to effectively convey product information with our help. This is how we build a valuable educational foundation within your organization.

The “live experience” is crucial during product training. It is not possible to learn about a product without having actually seen, tried and tested the product. Our live trainings are designed to provide your employees with direct, interactive instruction in an effective program. Moreover, coming to a training location together with your colleagues is more convenient.

Video is the way to reach a large group: effective video training provides your employees with structured and visual instructions. This method promotes efficient knowledge transfer, allowing employees to apply product information in an approachable way.

In recent years, Virtual Classroom Training has become an alternative to a live event. We gather together for effective training in a pleasant online environment. Together with colleagues and peers, but at a location you choose.

With product training from TTA International, your employees will learn:

  • All about the technical specs of a product
  • All how to maintain a product
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product
  • How the product fits among other products and services
  • Listen well to customers’ needs and adjust product knowledge accordingly

Good product training not only increases the knowledge, but also the confidence and enthusiasm of your employees. This is reflected in long-term customer satisfaction. Therefore, good product training always pays off.

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  • Develop a custom product training program for your products, people and company?

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