Train the trainer

For a sustainable internal knowledge base

Do you want to train the specialists in your organization to be effective trainers? Have you invested a lot of time developing teaching materials and need in-house trainers to transfer that knowledge? A Train the Trainer method provides a structured solution to develop skills internally, transfer knowledge and ultimately take your company to the next level. This approach makes organizations less dependent on external trainers and allows you to work more cost-effectively toward your Learning & Development goals.

Building a solid education system together

TTA’s Train the Trainer approach helps your organization with:

Internal knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer is a profession. At TTA International, we know how to transform your specialists into trainers. TTA International teaches employees with specialized knowledge to effectively transfer their knowledge to colleagues. This reduces dependence on external trainers and ensures a sustainable internal knowledge base.

High-quality learning experience

With an effective Train the Trainer approach, you create a self-sustaining system in which a standardized training method for all your employees is rolled out across your organization.

Efficiency and cost savings

Training internal trainers can be more cost-effective than hiring external trainers on a regular basis. We help you increase your company’s flexibility to adapt training to specific needs.

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