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The world of mobility is developing rapidly. Strong teams help your organization respond quickly to technological change, implement more efficient processes and adapt to new challenges. With over 35 years of experience in the automotive industry, TTA International helps you with customized Learning & Development solutions!

Working confidently on mobility innovation

In mobility, challenges – such as lack of safety and efficiency in a high-tech work environment, skills gaps and the complexity of integrating and adapting advanced technologies – play a major role in the workplace. Good, talented people make the difference. Discover the power of Learning and Development for mobility. Let’s look at the possibilities together!

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With over 35 years of experience in Learning and Development for the automotive world, we develop customized solutions that seamlessly align with your business goals and developments in mobility. Using innovative learning technologies and successful methods – proven effective for your industry – we ensure that you are 100% focused on continued success and growth.


How do you transform your people’s learning experience in the automotive world? Discover customized Learning & Development solutions developed specifically for the automotive industry. We offer innovative learning pathways, cutting-edge technologies and results-oriented advice.

Custom solutions

In the rapidly changing world of mobility, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with change. Our solutions not only improve your employees’ skills, but also optimize your business performance and accelerate your organizational goals. Join us in transforming your employees’ learning experience!

Successes in mobility

Would you like to…

  • Have support in improving corporate culture?
  • Offer an attractive workplace to the “workforce of the future”?
  • Grow, develop and excel together with your employees?
  • Stay ahead in mobility?

TTA International helps you future-proof your organization with various – customized – Learning and Development solutions. Do you want to know more?

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Learning & development contributes to the transformation of the mobility sector

Your business goals are our starting points. Access to talent development programs – wherever and whenever your people want – is key to achieving sustainable growth, innovation and competitiveness. This allows everyone to develop individual skills and help build a future-proof organization.

  • Boosting productivity
  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Leadership Development
  • Digital transformation
  • Sustainable results
  • Working more cost-effectively
  • Achieving business objectives
  • Talent Development

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