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Achieve growth and retain satisfied customers with the help of a motivated team: with effective training resources and sustainable development, you are working on the workforce of the future. TTA International is your global partner in Learning and Development!

How do you harness the potential of your teams?

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  • Create satisfied customers and employees?
  • Develop skills & encourage innovation?
  • Focus on team dynamics, knowledge sharing and talent development?

Training, leadership and coaching are important tools for changing people and organizations. Our starting point are your business goals.

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With over 35 years of experience in Learning and Development, we develop customized solutions that seamlessly align with your business goals. We always start from the goals you would like to achieve. Our consultants map these out razor-sharp.


Discover customized Learning and Development solutions that strengthen the core of your organization. We offer innovative learning pathways, cutting-edge technologies and results-oriented advice.

Custom solutions

Our solutions not only improve the skills of your employees, but also help you achieve your business goals faster and ultimately optimize overall business performance. Join us in transforming your employees’ learning experience!

Great people make great companies

  • Pioneer in Learning & Development since 1987
  • Meet our 65 Learning & Development experts
  • Discover our global network of trainers
  • Score 100% customer satisfaction score with TTA International
  • Certified provider of technical and commercial Learning & Development

Some clients who have preceded you:

“Our partnership with TTA International is a perfect match, with TTA’s creative training programs aligning perfectly with the brand’s core values. In more than 10 years, TTA has not only delivered training to all levels of Mazda, but has also offered strategic advice and empathized deeply with the brand and its customers. TTA is not only an experienced training agency but also capable of organizing events. Their approach really brings movement and is perceived as valuable and contagious. A valuable business partner for Mazda!”

Philip Lang
Mazda Motors Europe

“Since we started H-D University in 2006, we have been working closely and to our complete satisfaction with TTA. They provide training at a very high level to most of our EMEA markets. I highly recommend TTA International as a training provider and look forward to future cooperation.”

Ed Anderson

“We have had an extremely pleasant and fruitful cooperation with TTA International for 7 years, they handle all our technical training and back office activities. Their vast experience within the automotive industry makes them a professional training partner. The expert trainers know how to take the right approach for all our brands, matching what we want and mean. As a result, the workouts are well put together. We experience TTA International as positive, enthusiastic, flexible and reliable. In short, a highly valued business partner!”

Pim Bleijenberg

Experience flow and create satisfied customers

Here are some examples of what our clients say about us.

Building your business with confidence

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Let’s meet to discuss your challenges and goals.

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Experience the results of our collaboration and celebrate the success!

Get in flow with TTA

Sustainable results you can achieve with us:

  • Boosting productivity
  • Greater employee satisfaction

  • Leadership Development
  • Digital transformation
  • Reduced staff turnover

  • Achieving business objectives
  • Working more cost-effectively
  • Up-to-date curriculum
  • Better maintenance

  • Lower warranty claims
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Efficient onboarding

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