How do you stay up-to-date on changes in your industry and how does your organization respond? We offer innovative learning pathways, cutting-edge technologies and results-oriented advice. Discover our customized Learning & Development solutions.

Product Training

All the ins & outs of a new product. Are you looking for the best way for your team to quickly and efficiently master new products? Dive into our innovative product training programs for your technical and commercial staff.

Leadership Development

For greater success & job satisfaction. As a leader, how do you best give direction to yourself and your organization? And how do you ensure that others also use their talents to their full potential? You’ll learn with TTA International’s leadership training programs.

Event Organization

An event is the most fun way to impart knowledge. And for some purposes most effective too! Looking for an event knowledge acquisition expert? A partner who takes everything off your hands by organizing your event to perfection?

Soft skills training

The skills of your employees make the difference. Will your employees soon make a difference in contact with each other and with your customer? Dive into TTA International’s soft skills training courses now or find out what our customization can offer you.


Is learning and development important to you? And do your employees take regular courses and training: on-site, online or hybrid? We are developing a unique learning academy especially for your company. All in the style of your company and customized for all your employees.

Technical training

In our technical training we try to translate complex subject matter into accessible training for our customers. It sometimes involves in-service training on generic technology, such as electric propulsion of cars, as well as developing brand-specific skills and technical issues.

Customer Experience

Making your customers happy with greater ease and pleasure. Our trainings around customer experience are designed so that employees can improve their skills, attitude & behavior to serve customers much better. This improves not only customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, but also sales and profitability.


Need trainers, learning developers or back office support? When implementing a training program, you need the right people in the right place. A great challenge that TTA is happy to help you with!

Content curation

Keep your company’s learning offerings up-to-date. It is critical to keep your company’s complete learning offerings up-to-date for your employees. Technologies are evolving at a rapid pace, and platforms and systems for Learning & Development are following suit. Is your learning offering current?

Compliance & ESG

You want to operate within the legal and ethical boundaries applicable to your industry. The work and challenges involved are the responsibility of your employees. We would love to help you get this in order in your organization!

Learning content design & development

At TTA International, we like to sink our teeth into designing and developing educational content. We do this for a wide range of learning resources: live training, e-learning and blended learning solutions for various training programs.

Adoption of business technologies

Transforming technologies in your organization. Do you want to use the latest technologies in your business? At TTA, we ensure the smooth adoption and implementation of the enterprise technologies that drive your business forward.

Back office support

Registrations, cancellations, materials, tests, evaluations: the professional implementation of a learning solution requires a lot of administration. Let our specialized department take this work off your hands. This allows you to focus on your business.