Change management in practice

How do you implement strategic changes?

In a world in constant flux, our clients face major and minor business challenges. You want to be able to respond flexibly and quickly to changing conditions in your field of work. How do you get your employees to participate in strategic change?

From strategy to workplace

Understandable changes in direction sometimes prove difficult to apply in the workplace. Many organizations face resistance when strategic changes are made. TTA helps you to:

  • Closing the gap between management and employees
  • Giving visible results after a change in direction
  • Improving disrupted communication and growing misunderstanding

Our expertise lies in supporting our clients in change processes. We do that with smart Learning and Development solutions that quickly get everyone on board and get the organization ready for change.

Get in Flow with TTA International

Build your business with confidence with our solutions:


With over 35 years of experience in Learning and Development, we develop customized solutions that seamlessly align with your business goals. We always start from the goals you would like to achieve. Our consultants map these out razor-sharp.


Discover customized Learning and Development solutions that strengthen the core of your organization. We offer innovative learning pathways, cutting-edge technologies and results-oriented advice.

Custom solutions

Our solutions not only improve the skills of your employees, but also help you achieve your business goals faster and ultimately optimize overall business performance. Join us in transforming your employees’ learning experience!

Why TTA International is the right partner

How do you get strategic change successfully implemented within your organization? At TTA International, we help you with the:

  • Identifying pain points in a change of direction
  • Designing customized training programs to successfully implement change
  • Inspire employees to accept change and participate in course changes
  • Monitoring and measuring progress within your organization

With a strategic approach, you get everyone on board with changes in direction that accelerate your organization’s growth. We are happy to schedule an appointment to discuss your challenge.

Clients who have preceded you:

Also optimize your Learning & Development in just three steps?

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1


Let’s meet to discuss your challenges and goals.

Step 2

Getting Started

We create a clear plan and execute it accurately. You stay in control.

Step 3

Celebrating successes

Experience the results of our collaboration and celebrate the success!

TTA International is your trusted partner in Learning & Development

TTA International helps you guide your employees as well as your management through small and large change processes. We make sure everyone is on board quickly and work together to develop an agile organization ready for the future.

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