Training facilities

Professional training locations

Are you looking for a sparring partner to help you outline your Learning & Development strategy? With the option of inviting your employees to a remote training location? TTA International is happy to help!

Room for insight

Our training locations are specifically designed for training and learning. You are most welcome! We ensure that you and your staff can fully concentrate on the training without distractions. Our training locations offer:

Specific and professional facilities

Our location offers specific amenities that may not be available at your own location. Equipped with professional facilities – such as modern audiovisual equipment, technical facilities and suitable training rooms – we offer a comfortable learning experience.

Focus on training

Our training venue is specifically designed for training and learning. This helps your employees to concentrate fully on the training without distractions from daily work. A new environment often leads to fresh insights and more energy.


Using a training site makes your organization more flexible and scalable: it allows you to temporarily use a fully equipped location that does not require you to purchase Learning & Development materials. Everything is there!

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Do you want to know more?

One of our Learning & Development experts will be happy to tell you more about our training location in Dordrecht. Get in touch with us!