Communicate quickly and efficiently with your customers?

Communicate quickly and efficiently with your customers? Oh then we’ll just use WhatsApp anyway. But do your people already know how best to use WhatsApp for business?

WhatsApp can function perfectly well as a service channel for direct interaction with your customers. It can also greatly boost one-on-one customer service.

A few tips to consider:

  • Think about privacy and what can but certainly cannot be done in the process.
  • Consider the challenges for your specific situation and coordinate internally.
  • See the opportunities such as building trust quickly with your customers, among others.

  • See the possibilities of extremely fast communication with your target audience.
  • See the personal service that can be supported and build trust.
  • Communicate appropriately so that you increase success.
  • Make your employee competent in this process.

For decades, we at TTA International have supported clients in the area of Learning and Development. From setting up a comprehensive academy to developing communication training for effective use of WhatsApp.

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7 November 2023 |

TTA International