Low employee engagement

Low employee engagement at work has a devastating economic impact, according to market researcher Gallup. Up to 8,200 billion euros per year (worldwide).

So this is a serious problem that affects not only companies, but the entire global economy.

But…..fortunately, Learning & Development solutions can play a crucial role in addressing this problem.

L&D solutions are essential to engage, motivate and develop employees.

By regularly offering relevant training and development programs, organizations can help employees improve their skills. But also to achieve career goals and feel more connected to their work. This contributes to higher employee engagement and thus better performance.

Moreover, L&D programs can help organizations discover and nurture, and thus retain, the talents within their teams. By investing in developing leadership potential and providing advancement opportunities, companies can both better retain employees but certainly improve overall productivity.

In short, the cost of low employee engagement is huge(!)
L&D solutions offer an effective way to address this problem. It increases overall performance and also the success of organizations in general.

An investment in L&D more than pays for itself! That’s another great ROI on L&D!

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31 October 2023 |

TTA International