How often do you interact with a digital environment?

Whether you work in healthcare, finance or hospitality-the answer is probably often to always. Technology evolves at lightning speed, and it’s important to keep up. Therefore, it may be a good step to develop your digital skills.

The younger generation usually gets by in the digital world, but not everyone has the basic knowledge that a digital environment requires. Nowadays, a digital divide is noticeable between generations. Which reduces job opportunities.

Therefore, it is important that you learn the basics, this will not only keep you doing your job well but also keep you relevant in the job market. But how do you tackle that? This can be done very simply: by taking a course, for example!

There are several courses (online) where everything is clearly explained and there is room to ask questions. At TTA, for example, we work with the online learning platform GoodHabitz! Incredibly user-friendly and an inspiring learning environment.