The benefits of an L&D strategy

“A Learning and Development strategy, is that really necessary?” “They’ll come themselves when they need something, right?” Well….research shows that a good L&D strategy can indeed benefit you, even so much that it clearly pays for itself.

That’s a nice ROI on Learning and Development! Take a look.

1. Employees are the company

Your business is only as good as your employees. The more skills they have, the more you have to offer as a company. It’s really that simple.

2. Performance goes up

The more skills and experience an employee has, the better he will perform!
Higher business performance as a starting point for your learning and development strategy

3. Acquisition and retention of talent

An effective learning and development strategy makes a company more attractive to potential employees AND it has been shown to increase retention rates and thus reduce turnover.

4. Employee engagement up

Studies show that companies with a strong L&D culture are more likely to have engaged employees.
This is especially true for the younger generation, which places more value on workplace learning.

5. Stable and positive brand reputation

A company that invests in the development of its employees is more likely to have a solid reputation and brand. This helps stand out as a favorite brand and radiates to new top talent, among others.

6. Business growth

The process of identifying training gaps in your company will help address weaknesses. This will help improve overall performance and help grow as a company.

Would you like to spar further on this topic? We offer to meet with an L&D consultant who will help you get a picture of your quick wins! Feel free to email or call!

9 May 2023 |

TTA International