Who is your mentor?

Remember, your future is in your own hands – keep growing and developing yourself, because your career is an ongoing journey.

But you don’t have to do this alone! A mentor can go a long way and help you when you can’t figure something out on your own. The word -mentor- may sound a bit serious, but think for example of experienced colleague-s who would like to share their knowledge.

But how do you find such a person? And what should you look out for? I’ll help you get started!

First, look primarily within your work environment or field. Look for someone who inspires you, whom you can rely on and someone who listens well. Avoid people who expect quid pro quos, think for you or with whom you just don’t get along.

When you find someone who meets all of your requirements, you are ready to move forward. Now you have a true professional who can give you feedback, help you with problems and offer a listening ear.

Who is this person to you?

24 August 2023 |

TTA International