Bored master technicians

Case: Retaining top specialists in a competitive market.

Attracting, training and retaining top talent within your organization can be a difficult challenge. You want your master technicians to be able to diagnose quickly and appropriately and stay up-to-date on the latest technology. One of our clients wanted to continue to challenge its top network specialists to ensure that they continue to have the technical responsibility of the workshop. How did we support this client with Learning & Development?

The budget issue was tackled by working with a flat rate per master technician per dealer. Thus, we work with a budget that allowed us to maximize the effectiveness of the training with respect to knowledge gain. Master technicians are thus given the space to attend training twice a year, but in practice, knowledge transfer can be designed more flexibly and access to available knowledge – and knowledge acquisition – is much broader.

This solution for technicians is twofold. We created and delivered so-called “knowledge nuggets”: these are “snackable” content items, such as how-to videos, explainer videos about a technology and documents with commonly used abbreviations in systems or system shortcuts.

We also offer digital sessions in the form of Virtual Classroom Training Courses (VCTs) and open learning center weeks. For this purpose, participants register by half-day and at different times throughout the year. These virtual training sessions and assignments in the open learning center are based on realistic cases, such as questions that come in to the technical help desk or developments identified by the manufacturer as important.

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