Highly dispersed and fragmented dealer network

An efficient approach to knowledge transfer in the automotive sector.

How are rapidly changing conditions in the automotive world affecting our customers’ dealer networks? By making technical changes to your product range, how can you be even more competitive? One of our customers has a large service and dealer network consisting of multi-brand and independent workshops: thus TTA International supports this customer with Learning and Development!

The situation was as follows: due to the size and diversity of their network, the client chose to have training on new products and technical updates conducted by senior technicians in the workshops. This cascade model has the advantage of involving all technicians, but the very big disadvantage that knowledge transfer is often inefficient. The result? Not all knowledge got to the right place, resulting in an overwhelmed technical help desk.

We addressed the ongoing training and, using latest developments in training, condensed 20 to 25% into time. We filled the resulting space with materials with didactic tips and tricks.
The training sessions are still all about the (technical) content, but two to three times a day the trainer interrupts the technical explanation – only at times when we are sure everyone understands what has been explained – and switches to a meta-level. Then we will explain how and why we set up the training and choose this form of knowledge transfer. This is supplemented by some helpful tips on how to “read” and understand a group.
Technicians who have taken the hybrid training roll out the content to their peers and colleagues with the right attitude, knowledge and skill to do it both effectively and efficiently. In the follow-up period, the customer monitors the questions and requests on the help desk specifically on the trained topics in order to adjust for the next delivery.

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