Production environment with challenge on “work preparation”

How does Learning and Development support your production environment?

At a production site, one encounters several challenges: a complex process, island automation and lack of communication between departments are some examples. One of our customers asked us the question: how can we optimize our production environment with Learning & Development?

An in-depth onboarding for the new employees has been developed so that they can quickly(er) get the right basics. Such as understanding the processes, what dependencies exist and where to expect challenges. Furthermore, one must speak the same language as “veterans” to understand what is going on in the workplace.
A huge time savings was achieved by deploying an Artificial Intelligence bot that took over the role of demand bucket from senior staff through the organization’s existing Microsoft Teams environment. An AI bot converges information flows and sources. It is also possible to keep track of exactly who asks what: this gives a very detailed picture of the level of knowledge within the organization (and can be proactively acted upon).
By setting up a training program – in which employees go through the process based on simulated assignments – our client took a big step in the area of process optimization. Following the 4C-ID model (Van Merriënboer), employees learn the intricacies of the job with ever-decreasing support.

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