Does a traditional resume say enough about you?

The traditional resume as the ultimate predictor of a successful match between employer and candidate? I like to place some question marks on that

In my opinion, a resume can by no means tell the full story. What we should perhaps focus more on are skills. These “skills” can uncover a person’s true talents, even outside their immediate field. This makes it possible to match people to positions they may not have initially considered. When I look at 2023 this way, it seems like the year of skills. There is a glaring shortage of specific skills in many sectors. Is a skills passport the solution to developing that allows people to track and substantiate their skills throughout their careers. In this way, we become less dependent on degrees that may lose their relevance and continue to develop.

So why not focus more on discovering one’s true qualities and motivations? It could be the basis for a successful collaboration. But what do you think about this? I would love to hear your insights!

20 April 2023 |

TTA International