Spectacular Japanese sword fighting workshop

Spectacular Japanese swordsmanship workshop.
The other day we had a cool Mental Bridging© workshop with a club of colleagues.

You may be thinking:

“Mental Bridging, what is that?”.

Had me too, hence a brief explanation.

The Mental Bridging© program is a quick and effective method for getting more efficiency out of your employees. The program helps to “turn on” unconscious potential, achieving much better results (scientifically recognized).

In this method, they connect or “bridge” the left (rational) and right (emotional) hemispheres of the brain which directly addresses creativity and problem-solving abilities.

The method is based on the Japanese sword art and addresses areas that are understudied in Western society.

The training creates greater awareness, focus, proactivity, helicopter view, inner strength, a happier life, less anxiety and better ability to handle work pressure.

It teaches you to get more out of your life as well as how to work more effectively, resulting in more job satisfaction.

The Mental Bridging© program immediately delivers more profits, better business results, satisfied customers and happier employees with job satisfaction.

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6 December 2022 |

TTA International