NEN9140? What the hell is that?

In the previous post, I talked about Serious Gaming and its use for ANWB. They are using this game to certify all their Wegenwacht employees on NEN9140.

NEN9140? What the hell is that?

In short, this standard specifies HOW to work safely on electric vehicles.

So what does the NEN9140 say?

NEN 9140 sets specific requirements for working safely on electric vehicles by eliminating electrical hazards. In addition, the standard provides requirements for safe storage of (suspected) damaged e-vehicles and electrically hazardous e-vehicle parts.

Is NEN 9140 mandatory?

The NEN 9140 is derived from the NEN 3140 which is made mandatory by the Occupational Health and Safety Act WEL for companies that perform electrical work on low-voltage installations. The NEN 9140 standard is in line with the occupational health and safety legislation that requires employers to ensure a safe and healthy workplace!

So just tinkering with an EV is not the way to go!

Want to learn more about EV/NEN9140 training options so your employees can work safely? Feel free to email or call!

18 October 2022 |

TTA International