Serious Gaming within your organization

“Do we really have to play a game?” “My son yes, he’s gaming, not me, right?”.

You often hear comments like this when Serious Gaming is discussed within organizations.

However, diverse research shows that Serious Gaming can demonstrably help organizations achieve their learning goals. For example, several reports write of positive effects:

  • Users have a greater sense of control over how they learn,

  • Users find the content challenging and educational,

  • Users report receiving useful feedback,

  • Users report having been involved in the learning,

  • Users report good cooperation with other users.

Serious Gaming is more than just playing a game! If the game is well designed and well deployed it seriously contributes to achieving the goals!

Even the most critical participants then comment that “such a game is actually quite useful” and that “it’s kind of cool to be able to do things wrong.”

I can show you several games that really add value. Where I can show you the benefits of Serious Gaming that clients experience.

Interested in a demo and in what Serious Gaming can do for your organization? Feel free to email or call!

27 September 2022 |

TTA International