Watching watching not buying

Some time ago I had an appointment with a potential client who “did have time for a cup of coffee.” Including traffic jam, drove more than an hour, full of good spirits to this appointment.

I asked the client, I’ll leave that potential off for now, why he had agreed to make an appointment. Well, he indicated, “the trainings that the techies within the company have to give are really primal and way too long-winded. He wanted to know a little more about that.

I indicated to him a few schools of thought such as “train-the-trainer” solutions, application of “Speaking Powerpoint” principle for improving your presentations and that he might consider a real hands-on training “didactic skills. He was enthusiastically writing along, as much as an A4 sheet full…… I thought “he is writing down when he wants to take which actions all”. Too bad only that shortly thereafter he indicated in the interview that he would be leaving his current employer. But, “I had helped him a lot,” he indicated.

I asked him about his new role. He would, join an installation company as a technical trainer……including giving presentations 😉

So wasn’t actually a sales call but more one-on-one coaching.

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6 September 2022 |

TTA International