Sparring together with our customers

A client indicated to us that they were looking for training support. The company would like help with a train-the-trainer program. From the business “training” perspective, this is a fun track and (potentially) interesting assignment.

The content has now been determined by the client for the proprietary parts that will be trained. Along with the schedule attached to this. TTA International is asked to stick TTT training against it. In itself, of course, we do this more often, a very ordinary task.

However, given this particular client case, and also the goals to be achieved (!), you would prefer that the TTT training be more interwoven into the training the client has already developed. In this way, the course provides more added value for the client and the learning objectives are achieved more effectively and efficiently, especially for the longer term.

And now….? Or just stick a day against it and “write up” a TTT track commercially, or advise the client to rethink (together) the new structure of the trainings? At the risk of being perceived as “difficult”.

You’ll understand, I opted for the second solution! The right advice for the customer is always paramount!

Should you wish to spar on how to effectively and efficiently achieve learning objectives within your organization? Feel free to email or call and together we will determine the right course of action!

16 August 2022 |

TTA International