“Ah, he/she knows it so well, let him/her give that training.”

Training then often looks like this:
with passion, that certainly, especially sharing lots of sheets, pushing an overload of knowledge, listing lots of substantive details and listing lots of facts, for example. And often with the comment

“we just (have been) doing it that way for years”…..

And after that:

“…… through with even more of this. Many is better, right?”

Too bad because an experience expert can add tremendously to a great training for his colleagues. Indeed, they are almost always the very BEST ambassadors of the brand!

You can support him/her enormously and thus get more return from such training by giving them the right tools and making them a trainer.

We call this Train-the-Trainer.

Train the Trainer means that subject specialists are trained as trainers, to train others in precisely their area of expertise. According to this Train the Trainer concept, the subject matter expert learns the didactics to professionally transfer his knowledge and skills in training courses. You’ll be amazed at the returns!

Practice shows that “eye for learning” in particular will need to be strongly developed.
Things like:

  • What is the target audience and what level do they have?

  • What does the target audience need as a minimum (!) for their function?

  • How do you provide hands-on training that participants can do something with?

  • How do you provide a sparkling workout?

  • What didactic skills are important?

I would say: help your subject matter expert to feel more confident while delivering training as well! Again: you will notice immediately that the returns skyrocket!

Need help setting up a Train-the-Trainer? Feel free to email or call!

5 July 2022 |

TTA International