Up to 20% of your workforce is actively changing jobs!

Up to 20% of your workforce is actively changing jobs!

“Research shows a huge increase in job changes compared to the same quarter last year.
There has been a doubling some 225K job changes.

Also compared to last quarter by a whopping 20% (38K changes).

Mobility has not been this high in recent years.

Incidentally, this does not refer exclusively to people who change jobs, although this is the largest group within job changers. It also includes those who have found a job from a non-working situation. When employment increases, the share of this group becomes larger.” (Source: IG Group)

So (!), face it as an employer when in addition to a huge staff shortage, an average of nearly 20% of the workforce is changing jobs……

Employee retention has no golden key as a solution, but “developing your employees” is now “common knowledge” to solidify retention.

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Source : https://intelligence-group.nl/nl/arbeidsmarkt-in-cijfers/

21 June 2022 |

TTA International