Micro Learning

Hundreds of apps per week (400+), hundreds of emails per week (100+), an average of 30 hours of meetings per month (> 1.5 hours per day). And then you also want to study 5 hours a week to stay up-to-date.

Fortunately, you also learn during all your pursuits, so that also brings solace to busy schedules.

In addition, if you want to absorb knowledge in an efficient way, you could use the solution called “microlearning.” This also turns out to be a very effective solution!

What is microlearning?

Microlearning is done through learning small “bite-sized” chunks, say micro-training, that are applied directly in the “flow” of the work. As a result, there is a direct link between theory and practice, making learned theory stick much better and microlearning very effective. Because it is always small chunks it certainly does not disrupt the regular work-flow and hardly costs you any extra time!

So why is it so effective?
  • Less disturbing. Ordinary work continues (quickly again),

  • Walks along in short attention span contemporary employee,

  • No study stress or exam stress,

  • Fully customizable to specific groups,

  • By technique used, much is measurable,

  • Very affordable solution due to reuse and easy production, among other things,

  • Distribution via (mobile) devices is very easy,

  • Engaging way of learning for participants,

  • Long-term preservation of knowledge.

Small but big

The topics in Micro Learning, by the way, need not be “small.” Educational psychologist Theo Hug showed that topics can be quite complex in content. Thus, learning a foreign language or technical content topics is perfectly feasible and even very efficient.

Curious about the possibilities within your business? Or would you like to receive a DEMO of our Micro Learning application sometime? Feel free to email or call!

Source : https://lnkd.in/e-vgMsmj

7 June 2022 |

TTA International