Performance Support

More efficient, faster, more confident, with more ease, up-to-date, modern.

Enabling employees to work more efficiently by providing them with exactly the right information, at the right time and completely tailored to the employee and the need at that moment.

That’s Performance Support.

Benefits of Performance Support

By providing Performance Support, you support your employees to work more efficiently, effectively and with more confidence. An investment that more than pays for itself. And with a smart matching app, you also measure all sorts of things in this area and give you great insight for increasing ROI!

By the way, it fits entirely into the 70-20-10 model I shared in previous contribution. And it fits perfectly with phases 3, 4 and 5 of the “5 Moments of Need”:

  • 1

    When you first learn something,

  • 2

    If you want to delve further,

  • 3

    If you are going to try to apply something,

  • 4

    If something goes wrong and you want to fix it,

  • 5

    If there are changes that need to be incorporated.

Phases 3 through 5 in particular lend themselves extremely well to Performance Support. At “Moment of Need,” Performance Support can help the employee perform their job effectively and efficiently.

And what do you HAVE to gain from it?
  • The employee can perform his or her task more easily, even when the employee is at a loss for words.

  • Remembering everything is not possible so you “must” be helped. Performance Support helps with this.

  • Knowledge and skills are actively linked and thus embed much better in employees.

  • Learning comes very naturally because you absorb an action or theory the moment you can apply it immediately.

  • The error rate goes down demonstrably and significantly.

  • The “new” employee is very used to looking for things efficiently and effectively. How have you arranged that for your employees? An accompanying Performance Support App unlocks information that can be presented in a controlled manner. In short, keep a grip on your own information.

So we see that Performance Support can be very useful to support employees efficiently and effectively in performing their tasks.

To support this in practice, there are also Performance Support apps available that fulfill the above. They help the employee at the time they need the help. Through an app on their cell phone or tablet, they have quick access to comprehensive support.

Interested in a demo of a Performance Support App? Be convinced by the simplicity and speed of such an app.

10 May 2022 |

TTA International