Gender pay gap

Facts and myths: there is a gender pay gap.

Unfortunately, this first statement is a fact, this is shown by several studies from all over Europe. In this, fortunately, the Netherlands is not a leader, but the problem does exist. In fact, in the Netherlands, the wage gap is 36%.

Fact: the wage gap can be partially explained.

So CBS reports that in 2021, women’s average annual earnings were 36% lower than men’s. However, two-thirds of this difference can be explained by women working fewer hours. The difference in hourly wages is smaller, amounting to 13%.

Myth: The wage gap is no longer a problem in the future.

Since 1995, the gap in average hourly wages has been slowly narrowing, averaging 0.5 percentage points per year. At this rate, wages in the Netherlands will not be equalized until 2049. In the EU, this will not happen until 2086.

Fact: working part-time is often not a choice.

The wage gap can be explained in part because women work less, true. Alone, working more is often not an option, in healthcare and education, often only part-time jobs are offered. In addition, child care is sometimes unaffordable and women are more likely to choose to stay home with their children.

13 July 2023 |

TTA International