What is a Learning Experience Platform?

Learning occurs in many different ways, such as from formal to informal learning. But “learning” also occurs, for example, when watching a useful YouTube video or reading specific online content.

So is there perhaps a better solution than using an LMS (Learning Management System) in which what can be learned is mainly determined top-down?

The answer is: YES, there is. A more learner/employee-oriented LXP may be the way to go.

What is an LXP?

A Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is a software tool, similar to an LMS, that personalizes the user’s learning experience much more and, in doing so, can smartly deal with different phases the user is in. In addition, it can be linked to other digital inputs, among other things. For example, that watched YouTube video can be seen as a learning moment.

What are the benefits of an LXP?
  • Personalization

    An LXP allows you to personalize learning experiences. The platform will make recommendations based on each user’s interests, learning needs and progress. Result: a personalized learning environment that is relevant, engaging and stays engaging.

  • Collect

    An LXP provides opportunities for collecting, organizing and “enhancing” various learning contents. Think courses, videos and (online) articles. Users get easy access to relevant and high-quality learning resources in one place. Result: more efficient learning and better use of information.

  • Social learning and collaboration

    An LXP encourages social learning and collaboration! LXPs have social communication features such as discussion forums, chats, blogs and other “social” features. Result: it will drive interaction, engagement and knowledge sharing among colleagues.

  • Analysis and insights

    An LXP provides excellent tools for analysis and generating various reports. In this, on the contrary, a user can also easily run his own reports, providing personalized insight. Outcome: ability to see, evaluate and improve effectiveness of own learning.

In brief

A Learning Experience Platform offers personalization, content curation, social learning and personal analytics! With easy and also, for example, mobile accessibility, this is a powerful platform for promoting effective and engaging learning in organizations.

Want more information? Feel free to send a message and I’ll be happy to help you get started!

20 June 2023 |

TTA International