Staying relevant in changing job market

How do you stay relevant in a rapidly changing job market?

New technological advances, lightning-fast automation and a future that is racing ahead. How do you stay relevant in today’s job market and in the future?

In these turbulent times, it is incredibly important to be future-proof. This means being prepared for the changing needs of the job market by, for example, developing skills relevant to the future. This can be done through continuing education, taking courses or attending conferences.

It is also important to continue to expand your network. You can use your network during a search for a new job-this can be a good idea to avoid sticking within one position for too long. After all, this will make you less attractive in the job market.

Finally, it’s important to stay abreast of change within your field. Keep an eye on trends and development and adapt to it to the extent you can. This way, you will stay relevant and will avoid problems in the future.

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20 June 2023 |

TTA International