VCT studio

For high-quality video training

TTA International has its own Virtual Classroom Training studios. These can be rented independently or fully taken care of by our team of specialists. Equipped with all the facilities needed to record quality and interactive training sessions. Our studio has enough space to also realize your technical instructions – including technical support.

Discover our Virtual Classroom Training studio

A recording studio provides high-quality Learning and Development materials that you can use over and over again in your learning strategy. A studio offers several advantages:

Professional (video) quality

A recording studio provides professional video quality. In addition, it provides faster recordings, streamlined editing and reduced turnaround time for developing instructional materials.

Consistent branding

With consistent branding, you create a recognizable and cohesive learning experience for participants. We make this possible for your (instructional) videos, video learning videos and Virtual Classroom Training.


Our studio enables trainers to create interactive and engaging content that effectively promotes learning outcomes. This increases the effectiveness of your learning program and participant engagement.

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